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The Difference Between Memory Foam And Sponge


Sponges are familiar to us all. It has good elasticity and can be used for pillows, mattresses and other products. Memory foam is unfamiliar to many people. What is the difference between them?

Memory foam is also a type of sponge.It was developed by NASA scientists to protect astronauts during high-speed flight. The difference between memory foam and sponge is that it adds a lot of special substances, such as modified polyether polyol, cell opener, special silicone oil and so on.

Memory Foam PillowMemory Foam Pillow

Memory foam has many different characteristics compared to sponges. The sponge is only elastic. Memory foam is not only elastic, but also sticky, a viscoelastic material. Memory foam is also called slow rebound space cotton because it will slowly return to its original shape after being stressed. The sponge is immediately restored to its original shape.Memory cotton and ordinary sponge do not have the temperature induction characteristics, is the unique physical properties of memory cotton and ordinary sponge in the function of the world. Memory foam also has the unique warmth characteristics of ordinary sponges. Functionally, there is a huge difference between memory foam and sponge. Memory mattresses and pillows have very powerful health benefits, such as improving sleep quality, protecting the spine, avoiding and relieving body pain. Or ordinary sponges do not have these effects.

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