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How To Clean The Memory Foam Pillow


Memory foam pillow cover is detachable and easy to clean, can be washed by hand or washed by machinebut its inner core does not need to be cleaned, do not put in the washing machine to stir, memory foam pillow can not be exposed to the sun, must be far away from high temperature and fire source, sun or water washing will destroy the natural latex pillow, memory foam structure, change direction greatly changed. Exposure to the sun increases the material of memory foam and yellows, washing the memory foam to absorb water becomes very heavy, the water in the pillow core can not leak dry. Keep the product dry at all times, ventilate and dry regularly, clean the pillow core with a vacuum cleaner or gently slap the pillow core with your hands every month or so. If you accidentally wet it, please dry the water with a towel immediately and put it in the ventilation place to dry.

Memory foam pillow, also known as "memory pillow", is a kind of pillow made of slow rebound material. It is usually made of polyurethane material and has viscoelastic properties. When the position of head and neck changes, it will automatically deform and keep it at any time. The tightly coupled position of the part, the head is fixed, and the head is not allowed to slip down to cause the stiff neck.

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillow features:

1. Absorbing the impact force, the super absorbent force of the memory foam pillow on the impact force, is that your skin does not have any pressure, as if sleeping in the water.

2. Anti-bacterial and anti-caries. The use of the slow rebound sponge material can inhibit the growth of mold and repel the irritating odor generated by the growth of mold, and it is more prominent when there is sweaty saliva.

3. Good breathable moisture absorption, each cell unit is connected to each other, moisture absorption and breathability are excellent.

4.The ability to automatically mold. The memory cotton pillow is ergonomically designed, memory deformation, and automatic shaping ability can fix the skull and fill the shoulder space, reduce the possibility of stiff neck, avoid leakage of the shoulder at the shoulder, and prevent cervical spine problems.

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